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If you’re into that old-fashioned “reading” deal, Jenny has three published books of scary-type jazz that you may peruse. Her short stories have also appeared in various anthologies, including History Is Dead, 2012 AD, ChimeraWorld 3, and ChimeraWorld 4. In addition, she is the featured writer on genetics and evolution over at Suite 101, where her articles range in subject from science to history to music to true crime. If, on the other hand, you haven’t quite got that literacy thing together and prefer to look at pretty pictures, Jenny is also an accomplished graphic designer, having worked in the field for various publications since 1997. She is currently the graphic designer for Van Gogh Vodka. On the side, she also runs Gravecake, a store selling t-shirts and various tchotchkes featuring her designs, and its offshoot Gravecake Games, featuring specialty playing card decks and various card and board games. So go forth and explore her little corner of the world, or just go back to your porn. Whatever.